Better health through better living.

We provide natural techniques and therapies to help heal the whole person.

Elemental Holistic Health and Wellness offers the following services:

Holistic Health and Wellness |  Massage Therapy |  Life Coaching |  Holistic Nutrition |  Hypnosis |  Aromatherapy |  Energy Medicine |  Flower Essences |  Toe Reading |  Tarot |  and More

All products that we use, create and sell are guaranteed to be paraben and cruelty-free.

We at Elemental believe in a healthier products and a cruelty-free lifestyle.  We strive to be an eco friendly business that contributes to a healthier planet for all of us.

Client Testimonials

Sarah has in impeccable work ethic, an instinctive spirit of caring for each client, and so much positive energy that no matter what service she provides, you will walk away feeling healthy and refreshed. She is knowledgeable in many modalities and eager to care and share. I have been privileged to be a client and peer and can honestly say that my experience with Sarah was enlightening and uplifting. I only wish there were ten stars to rate this incredible therapist and her services!

Kate Grant

Sarah is wonderful ! I had my first massage and the experience was wonderful. I have problems with my legs and ankles. Sarah was able to pin point the problem areas and work her magic. Sarah even recommended me to drink water with fresh lemon as it will help with water retention and swelling. My legs and ankles have not felt this good in a very long time. Thank you Sarah!

Shawn Baird

Sarah has a natural gift. I came to her in a lot of pain and she really helped me tremendously. You can just tell her heart is completely into it and that she truly loves helping you out of pain. She's also done a reading for me as well which has also helped put things into perspective and put my mind at ease. I would definitely recommend her.

Sharon Renee

Totally integrative solutions! I've gotten wonderful guided meditations, readings, homeopathic, and and ayurvedic treatment advice from Sarah, she's super thorough and always asks all the right questions to figure out solutions! Love her!

Melissa Moran

Sarah is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and caring. She takes time to ask all of the necessary questions, so she can fully assess the situation. For my situation, Sarah then followed up with practical advice, and couple of options to try. Gave me sage advice on what to avoid, and encouraged me to follow up with her to reassess the situation after treatment. She is fantastic to work with, and a highly recommend her!

Michelle Rhodes

Just had my first tarot reading with Sarah; in fact this was my first tarot reading ever. I have never trusted a reader enough to allow them to read my cards. Sarah is amazing! I really didn't know where to start, but she did a general reading and boy for someone with no questions, the questions are sure flowing from me now! I will definitely be doing many more readings with her.

Melinda Krug

I got a massage from Sarah yesterday. My back is always bothering me it feels like I have knots all over the place. After an hour with Sarah my back felt awesome and still does. She talked to me told me what she was doing as she did it. I felt so comfortable and so relaxed. After the massage she did a Tarot reading for me. It was awesome. She has given me lots of things to think about and to look forward to. If you haven't a had a massage or reading from Sarah yet then what are you waiting for?? You will be happy you did!
Thank you Sarah you are truly amazing.

BillieRenee Rogers

Sarah has helped me immensely and I'm not even local. Her advice and approach to holistic medicine and wellness are beyond compare and have helped me through a common cold all the way to surgical menopause. I only wished I lived locally to take advantage of all her services!

Jamie Marie

So, I just had a tarot reading done! BEST. EVER! Sarah Haley Moore is absolutely amazing! If you need a reading, she is definitely the real deal! If you have some questions, or just need a little guidance, look her up!
Thank you Sarah! Muah!

Brandi Carrick Gonzales

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