Toe Readings

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This is something that I am able to offer, and it is a unique and beautiful way to see where your journey began, how far you’ve come and where you’re headed in the life. Invented by KC Miller, I was able to complete the Toe Reading course during my time at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. It’s amazing in it’s accuracy and it’s insight. This is as much a look at your life as it is a coaching session. Reading your toes allows you to see how you show up in the world and in this life. You are able to see how you have handled the ups and downs, how it has impacted you physically and mentally, and how you can continue to grow and to heal from these events. Toe reading also gives you insight into how the world sees you, and by understanding that, you can make simple changes to improve your life, your relationships and your journey. Your toes tell the stories of your journeys, of both your body and your soul.