About Us

Sarah Haley is a holistic health practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist (SC#11049), presenter/speaker and author. She is a Life Coach, Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Clinical Aromatherapist, Integrative Hypnosis Practitioner and Medical Intuitive. Utilizing these skills, along with meditation and bodywork, she overcame her own chronic back pain and health issues.

Sarah was a nurse for 16 years before leaving that career in favor of a more holistic approach to health, wellness and our body’s own natural ability to heal. She has studied many holistic health modalities such as Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Energy Medicine and Aromatherapy. She completed her Holistic Healthcare Degree at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

Sarah was raised in a naturopathic and holistic medicine based home and has been a life long advocate of natural healing. Her nursing background enables her to take a unique and thorough approach to her client’s individual health and wellness needs. In her sessions with clients she is able to integrate a variety of alternative and holistic therapies that compliment their lifestyle and bring them the results that they are searching for.

She also blends her love of all things furry and four legged into her practice. She offers sessions that cater to the needs of canine family members by way of energy medicine and aromatherapy. In her practice it is important to her that she utilizes organic, eco-friendly and cruelty free products. She is an advocate for animal rights and a healthy planet.

Elemental Holistic Health and Wellness offers classes on a variety of holistic health and natural wellness topics.

She founded Elemental Holistic Health and Wellness in 2015 and lives and works in Columbia, South Carolina.


Mission Statement:

It’s our mission to empower, educate and inspire our clients to reach new thresholds of health and wellness. By incorporating a diverse blend of modalities such as individualized massage and bodywork, aromatherapy, life and holistic nutrition coaching, meditation, guided imagery and energy medicine we give our clients a solid platform to build their success upon. We give them the tools they need to embrace living a healthier lifestyle, a healthier home environment and to live in harmony with the world around them.