My Acupuncture Adventure

Good Morning! Welcome to another Saturday all about Holistic Health. Today, I am going to discuss something amazing. Acupuncture. I had heard about it for years, I had just never had it done until this month. The changes have been phenomenal and I can’t contain my excitement anymore! Let’s look at the benefits and my own experiences!

My first session was for pain in my right SI joint in my lower back. I have had issues with that for years. Dr Li attempted to adjust my back using manual chiropractic techniques, but my muscles were too tight to let that happen. He took me down the hall to the acupuncture room, popped 4 needles in my lower back, one between each thumb and pointer finger and one in the top of my head. I can say this, the moment that first needle went in, I FELT the energy shift. I knew it was working from the get go. When he put that needle in the top of my head, every ounce of tension I had was gone, vanished in an instant. He hooked the needles in my back up to an electrical unit, so they needles were left working as a TENS unit. It was incredible. One Magic Lamp and 20 minutes later any pain, tightness or tension that was in my body was long gone. That is when my fascination began.

Dr Li is also treating my fibroids and my psoas that loves to spasm. When I had PMS last week, he popped that needle in the top of my head and it was like I was a whole new person. That’s the magic of acupuncture, it’s instant in some cases and the changes are long lasting. I have 4 sessions this month, and my attitude is different. I am relaxed all the time, I am HAPPY all the time, things don’t bother me like the used to. When you shift the way the energy flows with your meridians and you remove the energetic blocks, you blossom, you change and you find balance.

Balance. It’s something that everyone is searching for. I was talking to Dr Li about balance and how I was becoming overwhelmed with all of the different natural healing systems I know. They all showed imbalances, but where does one start to reach balance. Do you start with your Chinese Five Element balance? Ayurvedic Balance? Energy Medicine Balance? Holistic Nutrition Balance? He had the perfect answer and I want to share it with all of you. He said “Your body only knows Balance. It doesn’t matter what you do to reach balance, doesn’t matter if it’s Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda, or something else, your body only knows a state of Balance.” Once again, there are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the outcome is the same.

Now, before you run out and get yourself some acupuncture, understand that it is most certainly a process. My first session was amazing and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. When I began treatment for my uterine fibroids, I felt good the day of the treatment, but the next day I got my period ten days early and cramps that were insane. My body is in a state of balancing itself, and it isn’t always pretty. But it is necessary, it just showed me how truly out of whack my Fire element and Liver meridian were. Now I take the journey back to balance, and I am excited about that! It won’t all be sunshine and roses, but it works and I found an all natural way to deal with something that doctor’s to me had to be done surgically.

And now, some great facts about Acupuncture!

Acupuncture is a COMPLETE medical protocol that is focused on correcting energetic imbalances in the body.

It’s been used for more than 2500 years, having originated in China, to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease as well as just improving our general health.

Because all disease, pain and chronic issues stem from imbalance in the body, acupuncture can treat almost anything you can imagine. It is most commonly used to treat pain, depression, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, IBS, RA, Migraines, Parkinson’s, Respiratory Conditions, Stroke Recovery, Gynecological Conditions, Fertility, Fatigue, Addictions and improving your overall wellbeing.

Aside from some occasional soreness and bruising, which is rare, there are no side effects from Acupuncture.

It increases your energy levels naturally!

It opens your mind to new treatments for disease and health!

It naturally reduces your stress levels!

It provides you with increased mental clarity!

It can help you sleep!

It will make your more patient, it gives you a great sense of calm!

It can help you lose weight!

It helps you see that YOU have the power to heal yourself. Acupuncture doesn’t add or subtract anything, it simply prompts your body to do what it needs to do to heal itself!

If you haven’t considered acupuncture before, this is great time to give it a try. Let your body soak up the goodness that acupuncture has to offer. The only thing that can happen is increased health and wellbeing. Who doesn’t want more of that??

Here’s to YOUR Health,