Manifestation Made Easy

So here we are, and welcome to Money Monday! I am going to go over some basic steps to increasing your prosperity and abundance and I’m going to throw some new things your way too! We all want more abundance and prosperity, right? How do we get it?

Firstly, gratitude. You need to always remember that the universe responds to your thoughts and your words. Watch those and keep them positive! GIVE GRATITUDE FOR THE ABUNDANCE THAT IS COMING TO YOU EVERY DAY!! Those words and thoughts are your most powerful ally when it comes to manifestation. Everything else I mention is just icing on the proverbial cake. Gratitude. Thoughts. Words. What we think, what we say, and what we focus on, we attract. In short, YOU have the power, YOU have had it all along! Don’t let society or your own fear bully you into thinking that you can’t have, don’t deserve or will never receive abundance. That is a lie. The universe wants nothing more than for you to be happier than you’ve dared imagine. You just need to shift gears mentally. YOU deserve this. YOU will receive this. YOU are worthy of receiving every good thing the universe has to offer. So create an affirmation and then use it, as often as possible. Say it, write it, sing it, I don’t care HOW you use it, just USE it! Do you need help creating an affirmation? Let me know, I’ll help you! So, rule number one is Gratitude, think positive, guard your thoughts and words, say goodbye to your fear and scarcity thinking and embrace every possibility you can imagine. You can do this, I promise.

Second, let’s look essential oils. What?!? YES! They carry vibrations, just like anything else, they are energy and that very energy can lend itself to increasing your prosperity and abundance. How, you ask? You can diffuse, you can spray, you can sniff, you can wear and you can integrate them into your life on any number of levels. Much like affirmations, they only work when you incorporate them into your life. What oils work? Many. My favorite go to oils for abundance and prosperity are:

Lemon –This is an instant mood lifter, it can shift your emotions and thought process to the positive with just one sniff. Lemon oil has this amazing ability to let us release any doubt we have, it stops our fears, internal worry and negativity. It strengthens our feelings of security, and by doing so, helps to open us up to the belief that abundance is ours. This is a great way to start with changing your thought process.

Ylang Ylang – This doesn’t only smell amazing, it calms our anger and transforms that energy into positive feelings.

Bergamot – This is your money oil, no doubt about it. It also helps that is smells like all things citrus got together and created the most heavenly thing you’ve ever smelled. It smells like happy! Historically, this has been applied to wallets, purses, pockets, and even on the money itself. When you apply it, just visualize your money increasing. It has been said that putting Bergmaot on your money will help it multiply and it will keep your money coming back to you when you spend it!

Third, this is where I like to pull in what I shall refer to here as “magic”. It really is just about using the energy of crystals, the elements and a dash of a few essential oils in your favor. All you need is faith, then the rest just falls into place. I created what I call my “Abundant Elemental Essence”. It is a gem elixir that I use as drops under my tongue and then as a base for an abundance attracting room and body spray. I take citrine, quartz, some herbs of personal preference and a full moon and I mix them all together in glass jar and let it sit outside from moon rise to moon set on a FULL moon. Once that has been done, I create the elixir by mixing the herb/gem/ full moon water wit brandy. That becomes my stock bottle. From there you only need 2 drops to make a one ounce bottle. That is my ingestible abundance spray. To make the room spray you can fill a glass aromatherapy misting bottle and fill it with water and 2 drops from your stock bottle. You can then add cinnamon oil, wild orange oil, lemon oil and a bit of bergamot oil. I like to do 5 drops of each in a one ounce spay bottle. I spray myself, my clothes, my wallet, my car, where ever I get the urge, I just spray. I find that the smell keeps me focused on giving gratitude for the abundance that I am constantly receiving. If I didn’t feel like it worked, I wouldn’t waste my time writing about it! A little bit of faith in magic can take you places.

Remember, YOU have the power, you and you alone, to increase your abundance and prosperity. Now go and make it happen!